We have fully implemented the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) System of Education. CBC provides a reliable pathway to the best skilled individuals who are able to think and solve problems for themselves. It is associated with activities that take place beyond the classroom.

Fanaka Junior School complements the core subjects & requirements of the National Curriculum with extracurricular activities that go far beyond the standard requirements. Learning of a second language is also emphasised. Our main aim is to build students’ ability to work independently, have acceptable moral values and think critically. Emphasis is placed on exposing students to opportunities in a wide range of activities so they can begin forming ideas on where their interests and strengths lie.

Information Technology features strongly and is introduced early, but used sparingly until Grade school. After that it is used widely as a work tool. Every pupil (from age 6 onwards) is provided with a personal device (Android powered tablets and desktops) to support their learning.

ExtraCurricular Activities

Art club

This club aims to grow a love for arts and to foster a spirit of collaboration and creative community among pupils. It sharpens a child’s confidence as well as classroom concentration.

Swimming Club

We offer swimming classes & water safety lessons to our pupils. Our swimming team has competed in swimming galas, and earned numerous medals and awards.

Music Club

We offer lessons in various musical instruments. Learning an instrument sharpens a child’s concentration in class and is great for both mathematical & language learning.

Skating Club

We offer safe and quality skating lessons to our pupils. Pupils learn fundamental skating skills such as falling & standing back up, balancing drills, general movement drills etc.

Ballet Club

This class focuses on nurturing a love of dance as a proper form of recreation. Fun, music and games are used to casually introduce ballet elements to these students.

Reading Club

This club focuses on developing a reading culture. This helps in understanding other subjects and improving spoken language. Reading is done in English, Swahili and French.


We have an active scouting club with a range of activities. Scouting provides opportunities for outdoor events, developing teamwork & leadership skills and encourages them to leave their comfort zones.

Bible Club

With several age levels, this club supports pupils to prepare for their future life and to sustain faith that endures for a lifetime. Age-appropriate activities build skills to strengthen Bible learning.

Journalism Club

With the increasing number of current events and easy accessibility of information from resources supplied by the school, the future journalists compile educative, entertaining reports.


A modern martial art, Taekwondo aims to develop an appreciation for Taekwondo, to achieve physical fitness, improve mental discipline, teach self-defense skills and to develop a sense of responsibility for self and others.

Dance & Drama

Drama & acting helps develop skills that offer a boost in many areas of life. This club is very vibrant and has represented the school in the Music and drama festivals bagging numerous awards, trophies and certificates.