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A curriculum that builds knowledge, and inspires creative exploration.

Our Learning Approach

Nurturing Young Minds, Igniting Potential

We offer our students the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC), enriched with relevant aspects of an international curriculum.

This rich academic programme combined with a variety of Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities provides opportunities for our students to develop their full, all-round potential

Pre School
Our pre-school program fosters a joyful learning environment where little minds blossom through creative activities, social interaction, and early literacy and numeracy skills.
Grade School
From core subjects to arts and technology, our grade school curriculum ignites passion for learning, instilling essential skills and a love for exploration in a nurturing environment.
Junior Secondary
Focuses on critical thinking and problem-solving, equipping students with the academic foundation and real-world skills to confidently navigate their future pathways.
Why Choose Us

Why Your Child Thrives at Fanaka Junior School

Discover what Sets Fanaka Junior School apart in education delivery.

Nurturing Holistic Education

We believe biblical principles build strong character, and that a good heart fuels a brilliant mind.

Personalized Learning​

We champion personalized learning, tailoring methods & technology to fit each student's strengths and pace.​

Strong Community Ties​

We prepare our students for future success, rooted in strong values and ready to make a difference.​

Unleash your child's unique brilliance.

Unlock your child’s potential in a nurturing environment where faith, academic excellence, and personalized learning come together.